I was born on the Jersey shore but my surfer dad moved us out to San Diego when I was 8 - so I really grew up in southern CA – but yes, the kids in my class teased me about the way I say "cawfee". Some still do. I fell for photography in high school. I was a good student but taking pictures was the only thing I really loved doing (besides kissing boys and smoking cigarettes). When I was 18, I took off for the bay area (which was far enough away from my family without being too far) where I studied photography at CCAC (now CCA!). I was lucky enough to work at Wired Magazine as a photo producer where I learned the ins and outs of the business and worked with some extremely intelligent people. I eventually moved down to LA to pursue a career in photography and have been here for the last eight years. I live on the extreme east side of LA, Highland Park, and wouldn't live anywhere else.

  • I love taking pictures. Especially of people.
  • (and I love my mom)